Summer 2017 Explorer Program Guide

The Summer 2017 issue of The Explorer, covering May - August, 2017.

Animal Tales in April

Our monthly Animal Tales program returns to a public library near you during the week of April 4-7 with “Step Gently Out” by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder.

What would happen if you walked very, very quietly and looked ever …

Animal Myth Busters

Is it true that bats are blind, or that dogs can only see in black and white? Can toads give you warts? Are daddy longlegs the most venomous spider in the world? How wise are owls, exactly? Come out to …

2017 Summer Fun Run Series

The schedule for the 2017 Summer Fun Run Series is out!

Enjoy a mid-week leg stretch, the company of friends and family, some fresh air, and beautiful parks all throughout Hendricks County on Wednesday evenings this summer as you walk …