Vandalia Trail

Western Portion of Vandalia Trail

An exciting event took place in March of 2016 – the western portion of the Vandalia Trail officially became a Hendricks County park!

This four-mile stretch of the Vandalia Trail from Amo to the Hendricks-Putnam County line is part of Indiana’s National Road Heritage Trail – a 150-mile continuous system of multi-use trails that spans the state along the former Pennsylvania/Vandalia railroad corridors. The trail system closely follows the Historic National Road (U.S. 40) for most of its route and is designed for bicyclists, pedestrians and in some areas, equestrians.

For 11 years, the western section of the Vandalia Trail was operated by The Friends of the Vandalia Trail, a group of dedicated volunteers. Hendricks County Parks & Recreation helped maintain the trail for eight years until the spring of 2016, when we officially acquired that section of the trail, establishing it as a county park. The Friends of the Vandalia Trail still serve as advisors, and they continue to help maintain the trail.

The trail surface is now smooth asphalt, perfect for bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. We also installed modern restrooms on both the Amo and Coatesville trailheads in 2018. Right next to the restrooms are bicycle repair stations and air pumps.

A canopy of trees envelops much of our section of the Vandalia Trail, and a bridge spans Crittenden Creek about halfway between the two trailheads, providing a perfect spot to stop, catch your breath, and take in some natural scenery. The trail is also home to weekly bike rides and monthly breakfast bike rides organized by National Road Heritage Trail, Inc. (, as well as a leg of the Summer Fun Run Series. Additionally, it provides a breath-taking explosion of color in autumn.

Parking is available at the Amo trailhead in a paved lot at the intersection of Railroad Street and Vine Street. The trail extends west of that parking lot through Coatesville and on into Greencastle in Putnam County.

Parking is available at the Coatesville trailhead on the south side of Railroad Street, just east of Milton Street, near the town’s flagpole. The trail extends east to Amo and west to Greencastle.

Bring your bicycle or your walking or running shoes out to Amo or Coatesville to experience it for yourself!

For more information about the Vandalia Trail, click here.

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