W.S. Gibbs Memorial Park

Planned area of Phase I development of W.S. Gibbs Memorial Park.

The draft Master Plan for W. S. Gibbs Memorial Park, adopted by the Hendricks County Park Board on September 4, 2013, is the culmination of a lengthy community planning process establishing a collective vision for W. S. Gibbs Memorial Park as a centerpiece of the Hendricks County Parks system that will serve Hendricks County residents and visitors for generations!

The master plan unifies a park designed in harmony with its natural systems, a place that accommodates a wide variety of community events and recreational activities unique to the region, a design that recalls the site’s rich agricultural heritage while looking to its future as a key community recreational asset, and a place that promotes active, healthy lifestyles for all ages.

All community members are welcome and encouraged to view the master plan and learn more about the future of W.S. Gibbs Memorial Park.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until the park is developed?

That all depends. The Hendricks County Park Board always seeks to strike a balance between fiscal conservancy and visionary development. It’s this balance that will keep Hendricks County one of the best places to live in Indiana and an attractive destination for economic development opportunities. However, it takes time to properly plan for and as such, development of the first phase of the park is tentatively scheduled for 2019. Updates will be provided on this site as they become available.

Which amenities will be developed in the first phase?

Phase I will encompass a park entrance, a drive, and parking. Proposals for the design of Phase I were submitted to the Park Board in March of 2019, and the Board is expected to award a design contract at their April 3, 2019, meeting. Once a design is developed and approved, construction of Phase I will begin.

Future phases will begin addressing park amenities.

How can community members become involved in the development process?

Stay in touch! In the future there will be ample opportunity for volunteerism, fundraising and public input. In short, we’ll have opportunities for everyone to be part of this fantastic development, and we look forward to sharing those opportunities with you.

Have additional questions? Feedback you would like to leave? Would you like to place your name on a list for future fundraising and volunteering opportunities? Please contact us!