Paving of Vandalia Trail Moving Forward

Work to pave the western portion of the Vandalia Trail has been moving along, and the current estimated completion date is October of this year.

Our Superintendent and Park Manager are out at the Vandalia Trail on almost a daily basis working with contractors, engineers, inspectors, town officials, county officials, state officials, volunteers, and the multitude of other people who are involved with this large project.

Paving the trail is rather complex and involved. Quite a bit of preparation must be done along the trail before it can be paved, and that prep work has been taking place as weather allows.

The progress and completion of this project is heavily dependent upon the weather. Rain is the biggest culprit in slowing down preparation work, construction, and paving. Sometimes, even if it isn’t raining at the moment, soil moisture is still too high for excavation and other necessary work to be completed.

In addition to the paving of the pedestrian and bike trail, this project involves the construction of modern restrooms at the Amo and Coatesville trailheads, improved parking at each trailhead, and a rebuild of the Crittenden Creek bridge that had become dangerous over its years of exposure to Indiana weather. These additional components are going to be a huge upgrade to the Vandalia Trail.

For information about the Vandalia Trail and its upgrades, we recommend these resources: