McCloud Prairie Maze

Photo by Dave Novak

Prairie Maze Open September 7 through October 31, 2019

Our McCloud Prairie Maze returns on September 7, and this year’s theme salutes the annual migration of monarch butterflies to warmer climates, where they overwinter.

These orange and black beauties are commonly seen at McCloud Nature Park and are important pollinators. They begin their long trip south – as many as 2,000 to 3,000 miles! – between August and October, flapping their wings 5 to 12 times per second and traveling as many as 100 miles per day. That must be exhausting!

Thankfully, the McCloud Prairie Maze isn’t nearly as exhausting, and it’s a lot more fun! Making the correct turns through our big monarch will result in a walk of about a half-mile. You’re welcome to flap your arms 5 to 12 times per second while you’re in the maze, but it’s not required.

Photo by Anastasia Curtis

Dress for the weather, wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, and bring some water. Bring the caterpillars, too, as this maze is appropriate for all ages!

Make a point of migrating out to the park to explore the McCloud Prairie Maze because this pollinator flutters away to Mexico at dusk on October 31!

Admission to McCloud Nature Park and the prairie maze is absolutely FREE and both are open from dawn to dusk daily. To access the prairie maze, park in the Nature Center parking lot. Maps to the maze are available in the kiosk outside the Nature Center, as well as in the kiosk at the entrance to the maze.


The McCloud Prairie Maze is within McCloud Nature Park, located at 8518 Hughes Road, North Salem, Ind.


The McCloud Prairie Maze is open daily from dawn to dusk. It opens to the public on September 7, 2019 through October 31, 2019.


Admission to the McCloud Prairie Maze is absolutely FREE!


Parking is available in front of the Nature Center. There is no charge for parking.


2019 McCloud Prairie Maze Map (PDF)