About Us

Since 2000, Hendricks County Parks & Recreation has worked to meet our citizens’ needs for recreation and leisure opportunities, and supportive community services. Hendricks County Parks & Recreation manages and maintains two parks: McCloud Nature Park and the western portion of the Vandalia Trail. A third park, W.S. Gibbs Memorial Park, is scheduled to open to the public on July 21, 2021. Be sure to visit our properties as you explore the many parks Hendricks County has to offer!


“To lead in the protection of outstanding natural, historic and recreation areas, and linkages. To practice and promote the highest conservation ethics and provide environmental education opportunities to the community. To lead in enhancing quality of life and individual health while driving economic development to ensure a sustainable future for our community.”

Our Staff

Full-Time Staff

Title Name Email
Superintendent Ryan Lemley rlemley@co.hendricks.in.us
Assistant Superintendent Eric Ivie eivie@co.hendricks.in.us
Park Manager Jim Holtsclaw jholtsclaw@hcparks.net
Maintenance Foreman Jason Kittle jkittle@hcparks.net
Park Naturalist Sarah Wolf swolf@hcparks.net
Assistant Park Naturalist Joe Lembo jlembo@hcparks.net

Part-Time Staff

Title Name Email
Assistant Naturalist Joy Fulk mccloudnp@hcparks.net
Assistant Naturalist Jordan Tremper mccloudnp@hcparks.net
Maintenance Technician Oather Duncan III maintenance@hcparks.net
Maintenance Technician Caleb Hawkins maintenance@hcparks.net
Maintenance Technician Kurt Steuer maintenance@hcparks.net
Administrative Assistant Patty Seymour hcparks@hcparks.net