McCloud Prairie Maze

September 5 through October 31, 2020

Credit: Jake Crippin / Jake’s Aerial Photography

Our McCloud Prairie Maze returns on Sssssssseptember 5, 2020, and this year’s theme ssssssalutes the ssssslick ssssserpent known as the ssssssnake!

These legless reptiles are often misunderstood, so we decided that they need some Prairie Maze love this fall before they go into hibernation. Just because they have no limbs or moveable eyelids, shed their skin, and are ectothermic (a fancy word for “cold-blooded,” meaning that they obtain their body heat from their surroundings) doesn’t mean that we have to fear snakes. Let’s try to understand and appreciate them, instead! 

As you ssssslide through this half-mile-long maze, be thinking of questions that you’d like to ask our naturalists about snakes! They’re happy to talk to you about the native snakes of Indiana, the benefits of snakes, how a snake’s body works (how do they swallow their prey through such a tiny mouth?), and any other questions that you have about our scaly friends. 

Then stop inside the McCloud Nature Center during normal business hours to meet Oboe, our resident Black Rat Snake, in his enclosure. Oboe can be a bit shy, but can you find him in one of his favorite hiding spots? Or will he be warming himself under his heat lamp? 

While you navigate the snake-themed McCloud Prairie Maze, be sure to dress for the weather, wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, and bring some water. Bring the hatchlings, too, as this maze is appropriate for all ages! 

Make a point of ssssslithering out to the park to explore the McCloud Prairie Maze because this reptile goes into hibernation at dusk on October 31! 


The McCloud Prairie Maze is within McCloud Nature Park, located at 8518 Hughes Road, North Salem, Ind. 


The McCloud Prairie Maze is open daily from dawn to dusk. It opens to the public on September 5, 2020, through October 31, 2020.


Admission to the McCloud Prairie Maze is absolutely FREE!


Parking is available in front of the Nature Center. There is no charge for parking.


Click here to view and download the 2020 McCloud Prairie Maze map and brochure (PDF file)