School Outreach Programs

Photo by Danville Community School Corporation

Keep your Pre-K through 5th grade students connected to nature through the winter months. Our naturalists bring the outdoors indoors — and right into your classroom!

With other teachers in your school, schedule a morning or afternoon of programming. Our outreach programs are hands-on, fun, and full of excellent information, promoting an elevated understanding of local ecology by helping students understand the interaction of animals, humans, and the environment.

Each winter month features a different program topic. Programs run about 30 minutes per class. Our naturalists set up in one location, and 3–5 classes rotate through.

Due to the popularity of our programs, teachers may only choose their top two programs. We will attempt to honor additional requests after October 15 if we have availability. If you would like to schedule multiple outreach programs, please submit a request form for each one.

School outreach programs are completely FREE of charge for all Hendricks County schools. All outreach programs are subject to naturalist availability and weather conditions.

Check back in the fall for updated topics and dates.

Sample Program

Turkey Vultures

Vultures are misunderstood animals, but they deserve more credit than we typically give them because they are nature’s clean-up crew! Vultures eat some gross stuff and their adaptations allow them to do this without getting sick! Students will dress in a vulture costume to discover these adaptations for themselves!