Website Repairs Underway

Our website was hacked recently, causing all kinds of problems including, but not limited to, directing patrons to a website that was decidedly not ours.

After countless hours spanning several weeks, we are pleased to report that things are back to normal on our website…almost.

We’ve recovered as much coding and files as we’re comfortable with using again, but we’ve determined at this point that it’s easier and safer to manually re-enter the rest of it.

As of Jan. 10, 2020, much of our website has been restored. Some pages, however, are still badly outdated. We know which ones they are, and we will get those updated as soon as possible. Our calendar page reroutes people to our Events listing on our Facebook page temporarily until we can get all of our programs and events re-entered.

Enough of the website is functional now, though, for us to take it out of maintenance mode and get it up and running. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked through this problem.

Fixing the website has cost taxpayers exactly $0. Our Assistant Superintendent and our Park Manager have spent an incredible amount of time to get things repaired in-house. We would also like to thank Bill Rader, Director of Technology with the Danville Community School Corporation, for providing us with some valuable resources that proved to be the deciding factor in solving our website issues.

Repairs will continue over the next week or two, but if you need information about any of our programs or events that haven’t been restored to our website yet, feel free to contact us at or at (765) 676-5437.