Animal Tales Library Programs

Under normal circumstances, our Park Naturalists and volunteers come to your local library each month to share a story about a native animal and a related craft or activity. However, with the ever-changing circumstances involving the COVID-19 pandemic, Animal Tales maybe become Virtual Animal Tales on any given month.

Please check our Facebook page or your local public library in advance of each month’s program for updates.

  • Avon-Washington Township Public Library:  (317) 272-4818
  • Brownsburg Public Library:  (317) 852-3167
  • Clayton – Liberty Township Public Library:  (317) 539-2991
  • Coatesville – Clay Township Public Library:  (317) 386-2355
  • Danville – Center Township Public Library:  (317) 745-2604
  • Jamestown – Tri-Area Public Library:  (765) 676-6190
  • Monrovia branch of Morgan County Public Library:  (317) 996-4307
  • Plainfield – Guilford Township Public Library:  (317) 839-6602
  • Roachdale – Franklin Township Public Library:  (765) 522-1491

Animal Tales and Virtual Animal Tales are FREE to attend and are most appropriate for preschool to upper elementary age children. Advance registration for in-person Animal Tales is required by contacting your library.

Upcoming Stories

January – Stranger in the Woods

Forest animals, awakened by the birds’ warning that there is a stranger in the woods, set out to discover if there is danger and find, instead, a wonderful surprise.



February – Groundhog Day

It’s February 2 and all eyes are on Punxsutawney Phil — the famous weather-predicting groundhog. If he sees his shadow, there are six more weeks of winter ahead. But if he does not, spring is just around the corner!



March – Owly

When Owly asks his mother question after question about the world, she finds just the right ways to help him find the answers.




April – The Moon Saw It All

Ever wonder what animals do after dark? They dance the night away at a critter ball thrown for one and all! Children revel in a dreamy moonlit world where bobcats sing soulful songs, javelina click hooves on tortoise shell roofs, and coatimundis drum right along at a critter ball!